What's in a Gown (hint: it's you)

Cinderella is having her moment..

It's award season. Couture Week in Paris just wrapped up.. it seems like statement gowns are everywhere!

We know gowns. We also know every woman needs something a little different to make her feel like a star; for some of us it's the floor length, for others a bold color or a daring low cut (try an open back..).

Sometimes it's simply stepping into our dream-dress that instantly transports us.

So next time you're getting ready for a red carpet, a black tie, a white wedding.. take a moment to explore and figure out what is it that makes you want to dance, and then put on your fearless cape and go find it!

(*call us if you can't find your magic wand)

Have a fairy tale month, Maya

One by Maya is a private fashion house We listen to what you want We hear what you need And we create clothing That speaks volumes About who you are

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