Take a Selfie..



a : to extend in a general direction : follow a general course

b : to veer in a new direction

We're not really into following the whims of a sales-campaign or a fashion editor, but we’re all about taking a “selfie” - veer in the direction your life and your body take you, and follow the adventure!

Sure, trends are a big part of renewal and change; if you’ve always loved the look of a slip dress, give it a spin now; velvet is back with a sophisticated twist.. Extend yourself but always stay true to who you are.

So make your clothes the ambassadors of your brand! Be selective of what you invite into your wardrobe, of what you put on..

Have fun with trends but but keep asking yourself these questions: Is it you? Does it feel like your quality? Does it speak to who you are, who you imagine being?

Go head, take a selfie.. And be your own follower.


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