One by Maya News - September

Coming Back.

Back in town. Back home. Back to school, Back to work…

You’re invited to pause before falling back into routine, and consider empowering a change instead. Take a moment; look at what’s ahead.

As with every change of season and pace, as we put the pieces back into our life and look into our closet, let’s do so intentionally; choose clothes that make us feel confident and cared for; it can be a perfectly fitted pair of trousers, a luxurious T shirt or just the right dress to step into each morning...

Each and every article of clothing we wear should help us feel our best, every single time.

So come fall, take a step forward and bring with you only clothes that fit you, as well as your measurements.

Wear your heart on your sleeves and your mind on your lapels, be comfortable in your second skin, and shine your light bright.

And when you get comfortable and in your zone, we invite you to stretch out, renew and redefine.

We’ve got your back.


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