A Wedding Vision

What is Your Vision for Your Wedding?

Here’s a new concept in wedding planning: build on your own, personal sense of style, rather than trying to fit your wedding into a prepackaged product of someone else’s vision.

Start with the wedding gown: which of your dresses do you love to wear the most? The ones that make you feel like a million bucks.. Your wedding gown should embody the best in all of them – your favorite fit, most sensual fabrics, most flattering cut… In any shade of white, or any other color you feel beautiful in.

How do you assure that every special moment, every memory in-the-making, carries your ultimate personal signature?

Try this; we’re creating an entire wardrobe for all your wedding celebrations, from the engagement party to your anniversary..

Articulating your inner-beauty and your personality through your clothes, to create a look that is your very own.

It’s a capsule collection, if you will, for your wedding journey.

Naturally, it begins with your wedding gown, the centerpiece, which in turn inspires the other pieces you’ll be wearing throughout the special moments creating your wedding; a dress for the rehearsal dinner that suggests a “taste” of the wedding ceremony.. A casual Sunday ensemble that carries a note, be it fabric or detail, from the night before.. Luxurious silk pajamas for your destination honeymoon, or simply for lounging around home on your anniversary..

It’s about creating a wedding-collection that reflects your signature, that tells your very own story of your marriage.

It is with that same spirit that you want to approach the planning of your wedding. It’s all about personal style; throw out the rules and plan a wedding celebration that shares who you are as a couple, with your friends and family.

Bright and cheery patterns, or soft, subdued colors – it doesn’t matter – just have it be yours.

Maybe it’s a country band or a DJ playing top 40.. as long it is the music of your life, of your story as a couple, it works.

Don’t like cake? Don’t have cake! Create a fabulous arrangement of your favorite desserts..

The ways to tailor your wedding to your personalities are truly endless.

Your guests will immediately sense the enthusiasm and passion you’ve put into planning your wedding celebrations.

Yes, there are important traditions and formalities you may want to honor, but those can, and should be celebrated with your own flair and style.

If you both are happy and comfortable, your guests will feel that same, personal energy.. it will be a magical, unique day shared by all of you.

Finally, a new, beautiful way to create your own wedding.

In collaboration with Amy Kimball Events

(Table setting images provided by Person & Killian Photography, and Gigi DeManio Photography)

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