Sahara 2008 getting dressed w Maya (2016_07_02 22_56_22 UTC)


“Thank you for your time in designing the dress for my launch reception and for your innate good taste in assisting me to put together the whole look...

The difference in having you design the dress vs. purchasing off the rack is literally beyond measure. That you were able to pin me down for measurements.....says that you “get” the busy woman and can easily and gracefully handle and meet the challenge
of her hectic lifestyle.


After years of shopping high-end and not feeling the intrinsic value of the garment......I now understand that working so closely with your clients allows you to fully understand the scope of her need, from back story through her ultimate goal or vision. You helped me capture that and I am grateful… It is my hope that other overtasked women similar to me will slow down long enough to benefit from your style and craft.”

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