Creating a capsule collection for your wedding experience.   

We work intimately with you to transform your vision into a truly one-of-a-kind wedding gown; the process is interactive, intimate, without being overwhelming.  We will schedule as many fittings as needed - in person or via online conference - to ensure your gown fits your measurements as perfectly as it fits your personality.


Naturally, it begins with your wedding gown, the centerpiece, which in turn inspires all other outfits you’ll be wearing throughout the special moments creating your wedding;  a dress for the rehearsal dinner that suggests the “flavor” of the wedding ceremony..  A casual Sunday ensemble that carries a note, be it fabric or detail, from the night before… Luxurious silk pajamas for your destination honeymoon, or simply for lounging around your home on your anniversary..


It’s about creating a wedding-collection that reflects your signature style and tells the story of your special union.

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